Prefabricated Regulator & Meter Stations

Prefabricated Natural Gas Meter & Regulator Stations

In-House Conventional & Custom Designs 

As opposed to in-the-field fabrication of meter and regulator stations, the CHI team prefabricates these stations in-house. CHI has extensive experience in the design and engineer new metering and regulator stations and rebuild existing stations.

In-the-field fabrication can be affected by weather, traffic and space delays, which can affect the cost, quality and schedule of a project. Also, construction in the field can be a nuisance and a safety concern to the general public. Within the climate-controlled atmosphere of our in-house fabrication shop, we’re able to create much higher quality piping fabrications without the risk of delays.

Natural Gas Expertise 

Our team leverages more than 35 years of experience and innovation, including experience working directly for natural gas facilities. We bring our first-hand construction and gas operational knowledge to every project, and keep our clients involved every step of the way.

Our engineers will design and create meter and regulator stations that are tailored to the exact specifications of your project.

Q. Are engineering/feasibility studies like a project proposal? What type of valves and regulators does CHI use?

A. We will use the equipment that our clients most prefer. If not specified, we will use the equipment that our experience has told us will provide the best value and long term reliability of operation to the client.

Q. Will you deliver these to my site? How?

A. Our team designs meters and regulator stations to be transported by standard trucking method carriers. We transport these stations over the road, and a team from CHI will accompany the equipment and install it at your site.

Q. Does CHI produce both above-grade and below-grade installations?

A. Yes, CHI has designed and construction a wide variety of above-grade and below-grade installations, which allows our clients to adapt the design to a variety of sites in urban, suburban or rural environments.