Main Replacement Program Design & Management

Natural Gas Pipeline Replacement

Main Program Design & Management

Because of age and the condition of the materials, many natural gas distribution systems are being upgraded to eliminate high-maintenance materials.

A distribution main replacement program will typically include:

  • Developing overall program goals and schedules
  • Designing and planning the gas main replacements
  • Applying for necessary permits
  • Establishing cost estimates
  • Developing tie-in and installation procedures
  • Creating work packages
  • Coordinating installation contractors
  • Inspection and quality control during installation

Natural Gas Expertise 

The CHI team consists of highly specialized engineers with expertise in natural gas main replacement programs. With experience working directly for natural gas companies, we are adept at the complexities within the industry. We also tailor our efforts to each gas company’s standards and work practices, producing the most cost-efficient results.

Q. What is the typical planning cycle for a main replacement program?

A. The exact duration of the project will depend on the scope (i.e. the size and length of mains to be replaced). Typically, contractor work packages should be completed and ready to go well before the beginning of the construction season. This enables the LDC to procure the contractor resource to perform construction. Therefore, the design and permitting process should start in the previous year, and depends on the length of main to be completed on an annual basis.

Q. Have you worked on natural gas pipeline replacements like mine before?

A. CHI’s engineers have widespread experience in the field and have previously worked for several major natural gas companies. This has equipped our team with the customer-focused knowledge necessary to execute all project phases taking into consideration any possible complications.

Q. How much does a natural gas main replacement cost?

A. The exact cost of the project will be determined by the scope, including the location, length and depth of the mains. CHI’s estimations include contractor pricing and take into account real world situations encountered in construction.