Pipeline Design

Natural Gas Pipeline Design, Routing & Construction Management

New Builds & Updates to Existing Systems

Safe and reliable transportation of natural gas starts with proper design, permitting, routing and construction management of the new natural gas pipeline. Upgrading existing pipelines often presents greater challenges to meet current regulations.

Whether running across the country or within an urban or suburban area, the development of a natural gas pipeline involves many pre-construction logistical considerations, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental permitting analysis
  • Public outreach
  • Site surveys
  • ROW negotiations
  • Environmental permits
  • Material procurement
  • Contract bidding

Once these phases are finalized, the construction of the natural gas pipeline can begin. The CHI team takes care of these logistical phases while also creating the pipeline design, routing strategy and construction plan.

Natural Gas Expertise 

Our team includes engineers that have direct experience on pipeline construction projects. We understand the complexities of these projects and the challenges that can arise. The experience we have enables us to approach the engineering, procurement and construction of a natural gas pipeline with proactive, hands-on strategies and great attention to detail.

Q. Can CHI handle the permitting and other logistics?

A. Yes. The required pre-construction activities include surveys, environmental permits, ROW negotiations and route selections – all of which falls under our comprehensive project management services.

Q. Does CHI self perform all aspect of pipeline construction?

A. No, typically we make use of experts in each area, such as survey, land agents, and ROW acquisition. We have lead and managed pipeline project teams and also performed in supporting roles as part of a pipeline project team.

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