Meter & Regulator Stations Design and Construction

Meter & Regulator Stations

Natural Gas Pipeline Services

Meter and regulator stations are the points of transfer where the pipeline company measures gas quality and volumetric flow, and reduces the pressure of the gas to feed natural gas distribution systems.

CHI possesses specific expertise in the design, permitting, fabrication, installation, maintenance and operation of meter and regulator stations.

Natural Gas Pipeline Services

CHI designs and engineers new metering and regulator stations and rebuilds existing stations for a variety of natural gas pipeline companies, distribution companies and industrial complexes.

Our natural gas design and construction services span from the conception of a project through to completion, and specifically include:

  • Overal project management
  • Preliminary engineering studies
  • Scope and budget assessments
  • Detailed design and routing plans
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Prefabricated regulator and meter stations

Natural Gas Expertise 

The CHI team includes seasoned engineers that have extensive backgrounds working for natural gas companies. In other words, we understand the construction, operating and maintenance problems that can occur at metering and regulator stations, and we apply this experience to our designs.

Q. What are some of the specific technical issues involved with meter stations?

A. There are safety, security, and environmental restrictions as well as metering requirements for minimum and maximum flow. Also, remote control pressure regulation, odorant injection, preheating system design and acoustic treatment.

Q. How long do meter and regulator station projects usually take to complete?

A. Typically, these engineering projects take less than a year, with an average of eight months. However, the scope of your project will determine the exact timeframe. The design phase can take three to four months and construction can take three to five months. Equipment lead times are critical to the overall schedule.

Q. How do you handle noise control from natural gas pipeline construction?

A. We are proactive when it comes to controlling noise on project sites. Our team performs a source treatment, which establishes where noise will be coming from and equipment that can be specified to reduce noise generation. We also implement path treatments, which include acoustic treatment to the pipe and other site considerations to reduce noise levels at the property line.