Storage & Vaporization Facilities

Storage & Vaporization Facilities

LNG Upgrades & Modifications for Improved Reliability & Increased Capacity

Our team has extensive knowledge of the many different technologies for LNG storage and vaporization facilities and has the experience to integrate new technology through replacement or capacity increase into an existing plant, or provide a comprehensive grass roots installation. Whether a new or upgraded facility, CHI considers the following to ensure the best technical fit, safe, reliable and code compliant facility:

  • Site considerations including vapor dispersion and thermal radiation impacts
  • The right storage configurations to fit the site and permitting challenges
  • The right vaporization technology for the site, operations and maintenance
  • Future capacity considerations
  • Installation logistics

While performing necessary upgrades to existing systems, our team understands that these facilities are “must-run.” That’s why we skillfully prioritize LNG plant logistics while constructing new or replacement vaporization facilities, allowing plant operations to remain uninterrupted throughout the upgrade process.

Storage and Vaporization

CHI has worked on more than 100 storage and vaporization projects, including vaporization technologies and both bullet and field erected storage tanks.

Q. Can an LNG plant still operate during the upgrade process?

A. This will depend on the skill level of the company you partner with to perform the upgrades. CHI puts a heavy concentration on maintaining logistics so that whenever possible, your new facilities are installed prior to de-commissioning existing facilities.

Q. What size site is necessary for siting an LNG tank?

A. The size of the site is dependent on the storage capacity requirements and the configuration of the spill containment for the tank. A full containment tank configuration requires a significantly smaller site than a single containment tank with an earthen dike.