Liquefaction & Pretreatment Facilities

Liquefaction & Pretreatment Facilities

Installations, Upgrades & Modifications for LNG Plants

CHI designs and installs new, upgraded and modified liquefaction and pretreatment facilities to provide clients with improved efficiency, reliability, capacity, ability to process change feedstock quality and ease of operation for liquefaction systems.

CHI provides liquefaction and pretreatment for the following types of facilities:

  • Storage and vaporization facilities
  • Remote gasification plants
  • Marine terminals
  • Peak shaving facilities
  • Merchant facilities
  • Large power plants
  • Stranded gas locations
  • Remote liquefaction plants

Our team performs comprehensive siting studies, engineering and feasibility studies prior to the development and detailed design of these facilities, which provides clients with the technology options best for the site, production schedule, size and purpose of the facility. CHI provides the client with a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of all pretreatment and liquefaction technology options.

When designing pretreatment and liquefaction facilities, considerations our team makes include:

  • Safety
  • LNG production schedule
  • Capital Cost
  • Reliability
  • Project Schedule
  • Changing feed gas quality
  • Pipeline feed and tailgas capacity
  • Site considerations
  • Environmental impacts
  • Ease of operation
  • Client’s future goals for the facility
Liquefaction Projects

With over 35 years of experience, CHI has completed more than 50 successful liquefaction and pre-treatment projects.

Q. What liquefaction pretreatment technology will be best for my LNG plant?

A. Many factors play into the technology choice for pretreatment systems including feed gas composition (current and future) and takeaway flow available for tailgas.

Q. How do we determine if an existing liquefaction facility should be upgraded or replaced?

A. Modifications and upgrades can optimize performance and improve the reliability of many LNG plants, including pretreatment and liquefaction facilities. Depending on the age of the equipment, technology and ability to meet current and future needs of the plant, a replacement may be the best option. Our team will perform engineering/feasibility studies to determine the best course of action for each LNG plant.