Truck Loading/Unloading Stations

Truck Loading/Unloading Stations

LNG Engineering, Procurement & Construction 

CHI delivers complete engineering, procurement and construction services for LNG truck loading/unloading stations.

Since these systems are used to load and unload LNG tankers, operators need to be able to handle the LNG safely and efficiently. CHI executes reliable, automated technology, including touchscreen controls, to make the job easy and safe for the operator and driver. Our team fabricates these systems in-house, which helps maintain strict quality and safety standards.

Considerations when designing truck loading and unloading stations include:

  • Utilization, including how often the station will be used and how many trucks per day will be loading or unloading at the station
  • Custody transfer requirements
  • DOT weight requirements
  • Truck scale requirements
  • Level of automation
  • Truck routing and staging requirements
  • Hours of operation
  • Available space and regulations for spill containment as well as vapor and thermal evaluations
Truck Loading / Unloading Stations

CHI has successfully completed over 25 LNG truck loading/unloading stations and is still trucking!

Q. How automated can the LNG truck loading/unloading process be?

A. CHI can automate this process by implementing touchscreen controls allowing for the truck driver to perform most of the operation, minimizing the need for additional staff to load and unload the LNG.

Q. How long should it take to load/unload an LNG tanker?

A. This will depend on many factors, but the typical time for loading or unloading a standard LNG tanker is one hour or less.