Engineering & Feasibility Studies

FEED/Feasibility Studies

LNG Technical, Financial & Permitting/Regulatory Reviews 

The key to the success of any large project is to first perform a feasibility study that will properly address the client’s goals. These proactive assessments are used to evaluate the practicality of constructing a new facility or upgrading, replacing or modifying an existing one. FEED/feasibility studies help to avoid cost and time-depleting issues that could have been forecasted before even beginning the project.

Compared to the overall cost of an LNG project, FEED/feasibility studies are a small investment to ensure success of a project. A large part of the engineering done during a study can be directly applied to the project. Through detailed assessment results and thorough consultations with the CHI team, clients will be able to make educated decisions as to whether or not the project is technically, financially and operationally feasible for their facility.

CHI works closely with clients to understand and establish goals, objectives and expectations of the project. The CHI team performs a comprehensive technical, financial and permitting/regulatory review to identify any challenges, capital expenses (CAPEX), operating expenses (OPEX), project scheduling conflicts and any other possible road blocks. Some components of a FEED study include:

  • Define current and future facility capacity and capability requirements
  • Provide project definition to minimize cost, schedule and technical risks
  • Perform technology evaluation for all plant facilities considering;
    • Safety
    • CAPEX
    • OPEX
    • Reliability
    • Ease of Operation
    • Schedule
  • Develop scope definition suitable for solicitation of EPC proposal
  • Develop estimates for capital and operating costs
  • Develop project execution schedule

CHI is well-versed in not only the engineering, construction and procurement aspects of LNG projects, but also in the logistical concerns. As an experienced LNG EPC firm, CHI has seen first-hand how an engineering design translates into a product that will be an efficient, easily maintained system in the field.

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Q. Are feasibility/FEED studies like a project proposal?

A. No. These are preliminary studies that should be considered prior to an EPC bid process. A properly executed study will provide the technical design basis, budget and schedule for development of a well-defined RFP.

Q. What is your prior experience with feasibility/FEED studies?

A. CHI has over 35 years of experience working in engineering, construction and procurement for LNG, NG and LPG industries. We have successfully worked on projects consisting of upgrades and modifications as well as ground-up, grassroots projects. In our experience, implementation of a feasibility study phase of any large project will always save the client cost and time during the EPC phase. You can read more about our history and experience here.