Boil-off Gas Compression Systems

Boil-off Gas Compression Systems

Designed for Redundancy, Reliability & Efficiency 

Boil-off gas compression systems are crucial components of LNG storage tanks to manage tank pressure, minimize product loss and eliminate potential environmental issues.

As a must-run element of the plant, a robust design including automation and redundancy are built into every CHI system. CHI is familiar with all available boil-off compressor technologies and what needs to be considered for every specific application.

Considerations for design of boil-off compression systems include:

  • LNG storage capacity and pressure
  • Effects of LNG facilities such as liquefaction and truck loading/unloading on boil-off generation
  • Redundancy
  • Pipeline pressure and temperature limits
  • Pre-heating and post-cooling requirements
  • Power requirements/availability
  • Technology comparison
  • Operating and maintenance costs

We understand that a boil-off compressor has no seasonal downtime, so logistics and careful execution are integral to the project plan to ensure that new equipment can be installed and commissioned while keeping existing boil-off systems in place.


Boil-off Compression

CHI has completed dozens of successful boil-off compression projects including centrifugal, screw and jet solutions.

Q. What type of LNG tank boil-off compressor technology should I install?

A. The technology recommended for a plant typically depends on storage tank size, pipeline conditions, climate and related process and site conditions.

Q. Can an LNG tank boil-off compressor be installed without having to vent the tank?

A. Yes. Our team is very familiar with the logistics around must-run equipment at LNG facilities. With careful project planning, downtime can be minimized or eliminated.