Do You Have the Experience & Skills to Be an Instrumentation & Controls Technician?

CHI Engineering

As an instrumentation and controls technician, you need to be detail oriented, organized and project-focused. If you’re an LNG controls technician, you need to possess these basic skills as well as a collection of others that are integral and unique to the field.

Here are the education and skillset requirements for controls technicians in the LNG industry:


To be a successful instrumentation and controls technician, experience is everything. But what type of experience does it take to break into this field?

Previous work in power plant facilities production can be your ticket into the booming world of LNG. While power plants operate with steam, LNG works with natural gas so the instrumentation and controls processes are quite similar. Controls technicians with power plant experience are typically able to pick up on the LNG process very quickly.

It also helps to have an electrical background, including an electrical license.


Working for an LNG firm, especially one like CHI Engineering, requires specific traits that may not be as necessary in other industries.


First, instrumentation and controls technicians should be self-sufficient. No supervisor wants to micro-manage, so it’s important that you can do what’s asked of you and make decisions confidently and independently. This also includes a high level of financial responsibility, since you may be tasked with ordering parts without seeking approval.

If instrumentation and controls work hits a lull, you may be looked at to perform related tasks like pressure testing or mechanical work. An openness and availability to do whatever it takes to get the job done is key. Of course, you’ll have the support of your team but autonomy is a big part of the job.


Next, you need to be a master multi-tasker. While this is usually a requirement for a variety of different careers, it’s especially crucial for instrumentation and controls technicians. It’s not uncommon to have 20 different tasks on your to-do list, all with varying levels of importance. Successful controls technicians are able to prioritize and handle anything that gets thrown their way.


Controls technicians are often in a unique position that requires excellent communication skills. You may need to act as a mediator between the engineering department back at your office and what’s happening in the field, so being able to clearly convey situations and work with other departments is a must.

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What Are Your Preferences?

There are job responsibilities in the LNG field that some controls technicians may not be up for. This all will boil down to your personal and career preferences. Here’s an idea of what to expect:


Since you’ll need to be in the field quite a bit to oversee and assist on short and long-term projects, travel is just a part of the job. The benefit here is that you’ll never be stuck in an office cubicle for too long!

The frequency in which you need to travel will vary based on your employer. For example, CHI Engineering understands that our employees have families and may not love to travel very often, especially long distances. To make sure our employees keep a healthy work/life balance, we make a sincere effort to assign people to projects that are close to home and allow technicians to come home every third week if they are on long-term assignments.

Fast-paced industry

The accelerated schedule in the LNG field may take some getting used to. Controls technicians are always on the move, and every day brings a different challenge. Emergencies can arise just as often as there can be downtime. It’s important to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

CHI Engineering is On the Hunt for LNG Controls Technicians!

We’re looking for instrument and controls technicians to join our LNG-focused team. Technicians with 5+ years of relevant experience are encouraged to apply. Our employees enjoy competitive wages, team events (holiday parties, summer outings and more!), health and dental insurance, paid holidays, bonuses and more. See more benefits and apply now!